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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Traditional and Keepsake Design types?

The Traditional Designs are designed to hold a larger amount of  cremated remains. This type of jewellery urn is larger in size and weight. The complementing chain is a heavier grade.

The Keepsake Designs are designed to hold a smaller amount of cremated remains. This type of jewellery urn is smaller in size and weight. The complementing chain is a lighter grade.

How do I fill my jewellery urn?

Included with your jewellery urn is a solid sterling silver scoop to help assist with filling the jewellery urn. Each jewellery urn has a small threaded hole; approximately 4mm; either in the back or on the bottom that accesses the internal cavity. We strongly recommend using a screwdriver that fits snugly in the screw, we suggest a 3-4 mm flathead. Some exception pieces may require a smaller screwdriver. Once filled, the cavity is sealed with the provided unique binding threaded screw. You can ask your Funeral Director or crematorium to do this for you if you are uncomfortable with this process.

How much of the cremated remains will go into a jewellery urn?

The interior cavity is small and varies from design to design. The internal cavity of the smallest jewellery urn of the Keepsake Collection is about the size of the eraser on the top of a pencil.   As well as cremated remains, anything of personal sentiment can be placed inside the jewellery urn. The only restriction is that it must be able to pass through the threaded hole and fit within the internal cavity.

Does the jewellery urn seal tightly?

Yes! The unique binding countersunk threaded screw seals the cavity securely and its solid sterling silver, gold or platinum construction means it will resist almost any element. After your jewellery urn has been filled and very tightly sealed, we strongly recommend that you do not re-open it. We also do not recommend that the jewellery urn be worn while swimming, showering or sleeping.

Can my jewellery urn be engraved?

Most jewellery urns are engravable, but some designs are not well suited. The type, depth and amount of engraving will vary from piece to piece. If you have any questions regarding engraving on a specific item please contact us.

How do I care for my jewellery urn?

A small polishing cloth with instructions on how to maintain your jewellery urn will be included with your jewellery urn. Your jewellery urn is a fine piece of jewellery, so treat and care for it like fine jewellery.

Are there other designs and types of jewellery urns?

Yes there maybe other different designs of jewellery urns available. All designs are available in sterling silver, 14ct and 18ct gold and platinum. Some also have 24ct hard gold plated accents. Contact us with any design enquiry you may have. We can also custom design a jewellery urn to further enhance its significance to you personally. 

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